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A Comprehensive Guide To SMS Shortcodes

Companies are trapped in today's world. With infinite marketing options, brands are confused about adopting a specific strategy to ensure success. What they do not know is that SMS marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to do that. According to studies, 90% of people subscribe to SMS from brands, and 91% of people respond to a text message within two minutes. From there, SMS shortcodes are one of the most effective SMS marketing campaigns, and you must be interested in knowing about them. 

What Is an SMS Short Code? 

A shortcode is a 5- or 6-digit phone number companies use to send mass text messages. Individuals opt into SMS marketing schemes by texting a "keyword" to a short number. They are designed to be shorter than standard phone numbers to facilitate the opt-in procedure. In addition, SMS short codes allow sending bulk SMS in a short time, making them the best option for reaching massive audiences.

Types Of SMS Shortcodes Numbers

  • Dedicated Shortcode Service

These are shortcodes used by companies to send SMS in bulk. Dedicated shortcodes allow companies to use the same number. However, now this practice is obsolete. Now every company owns its own short code number. 

  • Vanity and Non-vanity Short Code Numbers

Vanity shortcode numbers are the assigned numbers by companies. These may be easy to remember or a sign of relation with the companies. 

Common Questions About SMS Shortcode 

  • How to Get SMS Shortcode Number? 

You must apply for a shortcode at the short code registry. You will be asked the purpose and audience of using short code service. Once your request is approved you can use SMS short code service. 

  • Who Can Get a Short Code Number?

Almost every business can lease a short code service. However, there are certain companies, depending on every country, such as tobacco, alcohol, etc. 

Does SMS Short Code Service Work in All Countries?

If you wish to send bulk sms to other countries. Your shortcode SMS service might not work if there exists a company having the same short code number. So, you have to research it, and get another short code number in that country. 

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