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Send SMS Branded

Our branded SMS empowers businesses to engage with thousands of clients, provide updates & launch campaigns with one click in Pakistan & 200+ other countries.

Message Scheduling

Smart Scheduler allows you to easily plan and schedule your campaigns in advance, ensuring your customers receive the right message, at the right time.

SMS Group List

By creating group lists, you are able to send branded SMS campaigns to target audiences, making it easier to send regular updates to worthy audience.

Two-Way SMS Chat

Our SMS service provides a two-way platform for sending & receiving messages, allowing you to engage with customers & build stronger relationships through valuable feedback.

OTP Verfication API

API Branded SMS provides a convenient way to forward OTP verification codes to customers, as well as delivering order, information, and attendance notifications.

Dynamic Sender ID

Send your customers authentication information via SMS text message on behalf of your organization, or mentioning your brand or company name.

Branded SMS Pricing Plan

You can Choose your Branded SMS Package Price from below Price Table.

About Right Click

Right Click is the easiest and most efficient way to send text messages to your customers. Right Click makes it easy to send text messages for Daily Deals, Events, Coupon codes, discounts or anything you want to share.

Reliable About SMS

Over 95% of all text messages are opened. Text messaging is the fastest and most reliable way to reach your customers.

Short Code Services

Never be limitted again! Add as many contacts to your subscriber lists as you want.

Long Code Services

Unique features and services matching the needs of cannabis business owners.

Location based services

Send mass text to one group or all subscriber lists.
As easy as pushing a button!.

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Reach Millions in One Click With Branded SMS Marketing

Do you want to know which marketing and advertising method is the most effective? It is SMS marketing. Almost 98% of people open a direct message. No other marketing medium is close to it. Bulk SMS Marketing effectively engages customers directly with your brand. Branded SMS marketing increases engagement and drives results. SMS marketing is a powerful and affordable way to reach your target audience. Branded SMS Marketing service in Pakistan has shown its credibility in reaching potential customers and targeted subjects. Not everyone here uses social media, or goes through TV or that marketing campaign, but SMS services directly hit the audience and fulfill their purpose effectively.

Right Click SMS enables businesses to quickly and easily create, send, and monitor Branded Branded SMS marketing campaigns. Our goal is to ensure our clients are content with our services and feel secure and devoted to our organization. Our vision is to provide our clients with exceptional services and experiences through our expertise and cutting-edge technology. I bet you will get every option for your branded SMS service in Lahore that you were wishing for. We will ensure you achieve enhanced viability, increased engagement, trust, and credibility, and data-driven insights to monitor your SMS marketing campaign.

Right Click SMS Offers Branded SMS Service To All Industries and Sectors

Our branded SMS service is versatile. We strive to help all businesses and industries, be they governmental, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), business promotion, or any other. We ensure quality; and complete tasks before the deadline. We have worked with top class brands in recent times. They all are happy and content with their results. Let us look at how our SMS marketing services can benefit different businesses.

  • Health-Related SMS Marketing Campaigns

Dengue, Crimean-Congo fever, hepatitis, measles, and polio are just some of the diseases that health groups can raise awareness about using text message. The healthcare industry can also benefit from SMS marketing by using it to spread information such as medical reports, appointment reminders, and fundraising requests.

  • Brands and E-commerce Stores Bulk SMS Service Providers

We cater to small and medium-sized enterprises in countries like Pakistan, where the cost of traditional advertising would be unaffordable.

  • SMS Marketing For Rent, Property, And Real Estate

The economy of Pakistan, the sixth largest in the world, is heavily dependent on the real estate market. You can promote new works, learn about other people's initiatives, and develop your enterprise.

  • Promotional Text Messages (SMS) for the Public Sector

Users want low-cost and high-impact strategies for spreading the word about their political party. That's why, for an election campaign, or any campaign, Branded SMS Marketing is the most cost-effective and efficient option available. It reaches everyone quickly. SMS marketing is useful for the nonprofit, government, and private sectors.

  • Benefits of Branded SMS for SMS Marketing?

The benefits of Branded SMS for SMS marketing are many. Replacing the sender's information with your brand name can give customers a more personalized experience. It builds trust and makes people content about the sender. It increases the trust and credibility of the brand.

  • Connection With Customers; When customers see a brand name instead of a number, they build a connection. And that connection does instant recognition of the brand, department, or sector. If your business is new, branded SMS marketing proves to be an ideal option for you.
  • Boost Brand Awareness; Getting messages from brand names always spreads information about the brand. It instantly boosts recognition and enhances awareness.
  • Compatibility and Assurity; Branded SMS marketing makes you compatible with the laws, regulations, and limitations of some countries. It shows you are a legal provider. Thus people build trust in you.
  • Engagement And Information; SMS marketing service increases engagement. When your potential customers receive your message with a brand name, they interact by opening the text. Whether it is sales, news, precautions, press releases, or discounts, they will instantly receive the information.
  • Higher Open Rates; It is unlikely one does not open the message when it is received with the brand or sender name. Therefore, it is true that branded SMS marketing has the highest open rates almost 98% open rates. Double times compared to other sources.

Comprehensive Branded SMS Service Solutions for Your Marketing Needs

Branded SMS service solutions are many. You can run campaigns, shortcode SMS, and many more. You get all the premium SMS services from us. Let us explain some of the major SMS marketing services.

  • Boost Your Brand's Presence with Branded SMS Campaigns

Branded SMS Campaigns empower your brand's visibility. They drive higher engagement and conversions. Branded SMS campaigns offer you the opportunity to deliver personalized, impactful messages with your brand name for instant recognition and trust.

  • Streamline Customer Engagement with SMS Shortcodes

SMS Shortcode Service simplifies customer interactions. It boosts marketing efforts. These memorable, easy-to-recall numbers facilitate seamless communication between your brand and audience. These SMS Shortcode Service features to boost engagement and responsiveness.

  • Efficiency and Reach with Bulk Branded SMS Messaging

Experience unmatched efficiency and extended reach with Bulk SMS Service. Whether it's product launches, event promotions, or critical alerts, Bulk SMS solution ensures swift, reliable message delivery for effective mass communication. Bulk SMS service lets you reach an anonymous number of people quickly. You do not have to send some groups separately. Bulk SMS Service is what you need right now.

  • Local Expertise for Effective SMS Marketing in Pakistan

Leverage our deep local expertise for impactful SMS Marketing in Pakistan. Our strategies are finely tuned to resonate with the Pakistani audience. We make sure, we fulfill the Pakistani laws, reach the targeted audience, take care of people's emotions, and utilize the latest SMS API software and service. Thus, we ensure cultural relevance and optimum results in this diverse market.

  • Hyper-Localized Branded SMS Marketing Solutions in Lahore

Branded SMS marketing in Lahore is for businesses, local industries, governmental institutions, and brands seeking a localized edge. If you want to hire the best SMS marketing service in your town, Right Click SMS is here for you. We offer hyper-targeted strategies. In this dynamic city, we craft campaigns that resonate with the audience. Our local in-house expert team ensures you get the best-branded SMS service in the town to reach your customers and inform them about your latest news.

  • Comprehensive SMS Service for Your Business

SMS service includes a range of tailored solutions designed to meet your unique business needs. From transactional messaging to appointment reminders, trust us to deliver your messages reliably, securely, and efficiently. We deal with every business SMS marketing campaign separately and precisely. So, know that this is the branded SMS service for your business.

Why Opt For Branded SMS Marketing?

The following is a short list of the numerous advantages that our branded SMS marketing may guarantee for your company;

  • Quickly Connection With Target Audience

With open rates reaching as high as 98%, short message service marketing is an extremely efficient method for communicating with clients and driving sales. SMS messages are typically read within two minutes, which significantly increases the likelihood that the message will be viewed and acted upon.

  • Interact On A Personal Level With Your Clients

Branded SMS marketing engages clients about a variety of topics, like a sale, a new product, or a reminder of an appointment. Branded SMS enables you to send a message to your customers at the perfect time.

  • High-Profit Margins Using Branded SMS Marketing

The return on investment for using SMS marketing is very exponential. SMS marketing strategies have the potential to produce a significant return on investment because of their low costs and high open rates. In point of fact, a recent study found that SMS marketing has an average ROI that is 3800% higher than email marketing.

What Makes Right Click SMS Your Partner?

We have a long history of working with top brands in Pakistan, and Lahore. Nishat, J., and others have been our clients. We offer high quality services and affordable rates. Our SMS API software is upgraded and updated. We are capable of handling thousands of SMS services at a time. With our software, we let our clients track their SMS campaigns analytically. Moreover, Right Click SMS offers room for customization, a user-friendly environment, and meets all your wishes. Let us learn more about our features in detail.

  • Detailed Reporting and Analytical Capabilities

We give comprehensive analytics and reporting so that you may monitor the efficacy of your efforts and make decisions based on the accumulated data. Using data and insights that are collected in real-time, you can optimize your efforts to provide even greater outcomes. We are here to support you throughout the entire process, from strategy and planning all the way through implementation and analysis. Furthermore, our services are unparalleled, and you will never get them anywhere else at prices that are lower than ours. In addition to the services that were just discussed, we also offer:

  • Secure And Reliable SMS Marketing Service
  • High-quality service and fast processing
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Rich global compliance
  • A stable and reliable platform for your campaigns
  • Flexible billing and unmatchable price
  • Short Code And Long Coder Service

Why hold off then? Sign up for Right Click SMS today. The branded SMS marketing features and support make it easy to engage a greater number of individuals and achieve better outcomes. Don't miss this wonderful chance. Simply sign up right now to start your free trial, which is now worth 200 credits. You can signup for the sample as well. However, our rates are very low with huge discounts. Getting our SMS bulk service will be the ideal option for you. Start reaping the benefits of using short message service (SMS) marketing for your company today!

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